The ESOL Podcast is space for ESOL students’ voices to be heard – sharing stories, discussing issues of the day, raising the concerns of the ESOL Community. ESOL stands for English for Speakers of Other languages. UK Migrants participate in ESOL classes all over the country. We invite all ESOL students to listen and contribute to The ESOL Podcast.

We are currently looking for ESOL students to help make series 2. We will be meet on Zoom to record episodes. If you would like to be involved please complete this form.

The ESOL Podcast began as a collaboration between English For Action and Amy Jowett. We started producing episodes in May 2020, in response to the Coronavirus pandemic, when ESOL classes moved online and the ESOL community embraced digital resources in a new way.

If you would like to get involved with The ESOL Podcast please contact us at [email protected]

You can like and follow The ESOL Podcast on most popular podcast platforms – including Spotify, Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts, Breaker, Pocket Casts and Radio Public.

All episodes are available from our podcast stream tab. You can search episodes by keyword. Teaching resources are attached to episodes, where they are available. Search “resources” to bring up those episodes.

If your students are new to podcasts, episode 24 – “What is The ESOL Podcast?” also has materials for comparing podcast and radio, as well as lesson plans to introduce classes to podcasts and get them thinking about making an episode.

Listen to our latest podcast now:

Series 2. Ep 1. The return to Face-to-face classes The ESOL Podcast

The ESOL Podcast returns for Series 2. Amy is joined by Malahat and Zaki, who are ESOL students at Oldham College, and Kiranjit who studies with Hackney Adult Learning. They talk about the start of the academic year, their experiences of learning during the pandemic and skills they learnt when studying online. Malahat, Zaki and Kiranjit joined a zoom discussion to make this podcast episode. it you would like to make an episode please complete this form –