The ESOL Podcast Series 2. Ep 3. A Conversation about Immigration

For episode 3 of series 2 The ESOL Podcast features a conversation between Saeed and Samira. They are ESOL students from Newcastle College who have been making podcasts in their class about topic that are important to them. Saeed and Samira share their experience of immigration. If you would like to make an podcast you […]

The ESOL Podcast Profile of an ESOL Student: Hanane El Hadioui

For the 2nd episode of series 2 of The ESOL Podcast, we are joined by Hanane El Hadioui. Hanane is an ESOL student in Manchester. She tells us about her experience learning ESOL and about working with a project in Manchester that combines ESOL and food – Heart and Parcel. If you would like to […]

The ESOL Podcast Series 2. Ep 1. The return to Face-to-face classes

The ESOL Podcast returns for Series 2. Amy is joined by Malahat and Zaki, who are ESOL students at Oldham College, and Kiranjit who studies with Hackney Adult Learning. They talk about the start of the academic year, their experiences of learning during the pandemic and skills they learnt when studying online. Malahat, Zaki and […]

The ESOL Podcast 28 – Holidays

With travel restrictions meaning most people won’t be going abroad this year, ESOL students in Hackney decided to share memories of their favourite holidays in episode 28 of The ESOL Podcast.

The ESOL Podcast 27 – Profile of an ESOL Student: Marcio Pereira

In this episode of The ESOL Podcast, Hackney ESOL student Marcio Pereira talks to us about his life and work as a Jazz Musician. There are teaching resources to accompany this episode, including a lesson plan, a picture pack and a worksheet with the questions Marcio set himself when he recorded the podcast. This lesson […]

The ESOL Podcast 26 – Lockdown Poetry

As lockdown restrictions continue to lift, ESOL students in Hackney have been reflecting on their experience during the Coronavirus Crisis. Students in Silvia’s class decided to write poetry to express their thoughts and feelings. We hope you enjoy them. If your ESOL class would like to write their own poems, teaching resources are available for […]

The ESOL Podcast 25 – The Local Elections in London

The local elections are on Thursday 6th May. In this episode of The ESOL Podcast, EfA students Nadifa and Yousoufou discuss the elections in London with their teacher Dermot. Teaching resources included are a lesson plan that focuses on reading the London Elects Booklet, aimed at E3+ and a lesson plan with listening activities from […]

The ESOL Podcast 24 – What is The ESOL Podcast?

In the 24th episode of The ESOL Podcast, Elssye and Amy talk about the podcast itself. Elssye asks Amy some questions about when and why The ESOL Podcast started and talks about her experience of making episodes and listening to the podcast. This episode comes with teaching resources to introduce ESOL classes to podcasting. There […]

The ESOL Podcast 23 – Reflections on Lockdown

As we begin to come out of Lockdown, Muzna and Roulan reflect on their experience over the last year. Muzna and Roulan are ESOL students in Leeds. You can hear more of their class mates discuss their experience of Lockdown on the Radio ESOL podcast, available on Spotify.

The ESOL Podcast – Census Special

Many ESOL classes across the UK have been talking about the Census 2021. ESOL students Ekaterina and Thy Nguyen, talk to Amy about completing their Census forms online. Census 2021 day is the 21st March. You can find information about help filling in your form at

The ESOL Podcast 18 – The COVID 19 Vaccine

Just before the winter break, English for Action held a meeting for ESOL students to ask doctors about the COVID 19 Vaccine. In this episode of The ESOL Podcast Menal, Nabila, Fatima and Zeinab talk to their teacher Amira about what they learnt about the vaccine.

The ESOL Podcast 17 – Film Reviews For The Winter Break

In the last episode of The ESOL Podcast before the winter break from classes, ESOL students in Hackney share reviews of their favourite films. The films reviewed include: The Big Lebowski, A Street Cat Named Bob, Kabhi Kushi Kabhi Gham, Veer-Zaara, 3 Idiots, Troy, Train to Busan, Titanic, Hüdayi Yolu (Hüdayi’s Way), The Blind Side, […]

The ESOL Podcast 15 – Happiness

In this episode of The ESOL Podcast, ESOL students from Hackney Adult Education talk about what makes them happy. We all need to cheering up during Coronavirus and the winter!

The ESOL Podcast 14 – Online Learning

The ESOL Podcast 14 is about online learning. Since the outbreak of Coronavirus many ESOL classes moved online for the first time. ESOL student Saleha talks to her teacher Nermin about the advantages and challenges.

The ESOL Podcast 12 – #LoveESOL post-event

In the twelfth episode of The ESOL Podcast, ESOL teacher Amy Jowett speaks to students who organised and attended September’s #LoveESOL event. The event celebrated the European Day of Languages and also engaged Deputy Mayor Jules Pipe and his City Hall colleagues in a discussion with ESOL students and teachers about ESOL policy in London. […]

The ESOL Podcast 11 – #LoveESOL Pre-event

The ESOL Podcast’s first episode after the summer break is about the annual #LoveESOL event at City Hall in London, where the Greater London Assembly sits. The annual event is held on the European Day of Languages and celebrates all the languages spoken in London. ESOL student Rabia tells us about her experiences as an […]

The ESOL Podcast 9 – ESOL and Community Organising – Part 3 “Power”

The ESOL Podcast presents the third in a series about community organising and ESOL. EFA teacher-organiser, Adela Belecova, talks to her students about one of the key concepts in community organising: power. This episode follows on from The ESOL Podcasts 7 and 8. We hope to continue the series in 2021. Following on from others […]

The ESOL Podacast 8: ESOL and Community Organising – Part 2 “Research”

The ESOL Podcast presents the second in the series on community organising. EFA teacher-organiser, Adela Belecova, talks to her students about researching problems using Community Organising methods. This episodes follows on from The ESOL Podcast 7, where the students discussed exploring common problems. Teaching resources are available for this episode, including links to

The ESOL Podcast

The ESOL Podcast 1 – The New Lockdown

The first episode of The ESOL Podcast was released in May 2019. ESOL students Nadifa, Veronica and Anna discussed the New Lockdown measures that had just been introduced in the UK in response to Coronavirus. Teaching resources are available. You can download a classroom presentation with vocabulary activities, listening comprehension and a writing task.